Custom Boot Fitting

There are two things you don’t need to do as a skier – 1. you absolutely do not have to be in pain or uncomfortable in your ski boots in order to achieve maximum performance, 2. you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to get a great fitting boot that gives you the performance, comfort, and overall experience you are looking for.

At Ski Fanatics we strive to make every client’s skiing experience the best it can possibly be and that starts with the right boots. We take a straight forward approach that incorporates our years of experience, knowledge, and workmanship in order to fit clients in boots that are the proper size, flex, and shape.

All clients are created equal when it comes to our initial sizing/measuring, analysis, and general fitting procedure. Whether it is your first pair of boots and you have no idea what you’re doing, or you’re a long time skier that knows the ins and outs of ski boots, you will receive top notch service and expertise from our professional boot fitters.

All clients are not created equal when it comes to specific needs regarding a proper fitting boot. Sometimes we might need to stretch or grind the shell, sometimes we might have to address alignment or canting issues, other times we might have to make a fully custom footbed, some clients are on a budget and just need a completely stock boot that gets them the most bang for their buck without any custom work being done. Bottom line is that whatever your needs are we adjust our procedure as necessary for each unique client.

Guaranteed fit – We highly recommend all of our clients opt for at least a semi-custom footbed at the time of a new boot purchase. Everyone’s foot is different and stock footbeds account for that…..with no arch support and a generic shape. Arch support is key to keeping the foot in a neutral position in order to maximize comfort and performance. It also allows our boot fitters to be extremely precise when making adjustments to the ski boot shell or liner, as opposed to working with a stock footbed where the client’s foot is often never in the same exact position in the boot making it like “shooting a moving target” when making adjustments. When a client purchases a footbed with a new boot we guarantee the fit of the boot for 2 seasons. That means any custom work or additional fit issues are completely on us and no cost to the client.




John Gallagher and Taylor Cook are our in-house professional boot fitters. With over 20 years of combined experience, and near constant hunger for more/new knowledge on the subject, clients get a high level, cutting edge experience.

When you come in for a boot fit please remember your ski socks, and plan to spend about an hour with John or Taylor. Stop by, and if they are free they will do on the spot boot fits, or call/email to set up an appointment.


Boot Fit EvaluationIncludes: Boot assessment and basic fit, Check stance/balance/alignment Free
Boot FitBased on time and materials $60/hr.
Grind $20/spot
Stretch $20/spot
Replace Hardware $15 + Parts

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