Basic: belt side/base edge, belt wax  $20
Advanced: ceramic side/base edge, belt wax $30
Deluxe: ceramic side/base edge, stone grind for structure, light p-tex work, belt wax $40
The Dresser: park specific – maximum base bevel, detuned edges, belt wax $20
Add hot wax to any tune: $10

Race Service

Race Prep: hand polished edges, hot wax/brush $30
Race Tune: grind flat, base/side edge bevels set by hand to your specs, hot wax/brush $70
Add flouro wax: $10
Hot Box: Our Wax $20/per cycle
Hot Box: Your Wax $15/per cycle

A La Carte Services

Labor Rate: $60/hr
Grind Flat: $15
Major P-Tex Repair: $15
Hot Wax/Brush: $15
Core Shot Repair: $60/hr
De-lam Repair $60/hr

Major p-tex and Grinds start at $15. For more extensive jobs the labor rate applies

Tune Cards

Buy services in bulk and save 20%!.

Example: buy $400 worth of service, you pay $320!