How long is the trip?   3-4 hours of paddling time for kayaking. 2-3 hours of floating time for tubing. Times vary depending on river level

Can I stop and have lunch? Yes, you may stop and hang out, swim, have lunch etc. Beware of private property signs. 

How long do I have to arrive at the take-out to be picked up? You must be at the take-out by 5:00 no matter what time your trip started. So, if you do stop to eat/swim etc factor that amount of time in with the total paddling/floating time listed above. 

Do I finish at the same place as I start? No, you are travelling down river from the put-in to the take-out. Please pay attention to your driver on the way up river when they show you where to get out and give you landmarks to watch for. 

What if there is an emergency? Call 911. 

Can I bring alcohol? You can bring whatever you’d like to make your day enjoyable on the river. Please refrain from bringing glass bottles. 

Can I drink alcohol in the van on the way to/from the river? Absolutely not. No open containers are allowed in our vans at any time. 

What is the minimum age child that is allowed to participate in a river trip? We do not have a minimum age, but please be aware that this is an inherently dangerous activity and may span many hours between put-in and take-out. We highly discourage bringing children under the age of 5 on the river. 

What if I want to stop halfway and be done with my trip? This is not possible due to river access. Once you put-in you are 100% committed to reaching the take-out on time. No exceptions, unless in case of emergency/injury. 

What if I’m late to the take-out? You will be charged $100 per person, per 30 minutes of tardiness. We absolutely enforce this. Our staff works long, hard days and the last thing they want to do is sit around for hours waiting for late parties when they should already be home for the day. 

Do I have to wear a life jacket? We recommend that everyone wears a life jacket. Although, state law only requires it for persons under 13. State law also requires that there be a life jacket available for every person occupying any water craft (INCLUDING TUBES). We provide life jackets and make sure everyone in every van has one with them. 

Can I bring my own life jacket? Yes, as long as it is Type II Coast Guard Certified. 

Do you provide a guide for the trip? No. You are on your own on the river.

Do you provide kayaking lessons or instruction? No.

How long is the ride to the put-in? About 10-15 minutes for kayaking and 5 minutes for tubing. 

How long is the ride back to the shop from the take-out? About 3 minutes. 

Can I park at your take-out? No. Our take-out is leased and is on private property. There is no public parking available and you will be towed at your expense if you park there. 

I’m not going on the river but my family is. Can I drive down to the take-out to pick them up instead of having you drive them back to the shop? No. We have limited space at the take-out and generally have a lot of boats and people to load and shuttle. Outside vehicles create logistical issues and slow the process down for everyone else. 

How do you know when there are people at the take-out to pick up? We have ninjas in the trees. We also check the take-out every half hour starting at 1:00 every day. 

What happens if I arrive at the take-out before 1:00? Please be patient. Our last shuttle up river is at 12:30. A staff member will pick you up on their way back.